I've been a fan of Lorraine ever since I saw her feed in Instagram.  Her amazing miniature paintings are so detailed and intricate.  So when I found out she was coming to Singapore for an exhibit and also conducting her very first workshop I immediately went to the website.  Sadly the workshop was fully-booked.  After a few days I came back to the website to find out more about the opening, since I just wanted to settle attending the launch instead.  But it was a happy surprise when they offered another session of workshop. Yey!

My monthly budget has already blown out of proportion but this event I just couldn't miss so I did sign up!

I skipped the launch since the workshop is going to be the next day early morning session. Unfortunately it was the same day my dinosaur just came so I was skeptical if I will be able to enjoy the workshop.

It was my first time at Scotts Square, no matter how small Singapore is I still have a lot of places I haven't been to.  As expected I was welcomed with a classy ambiance and off I went to the third floor at K+ where the exhibit and the workshop is located.

Lorraine came a few minutes after I came and she cheerfully greeted us early comers.  While everyone was settling down, I checked the exhibit first.

As the paintings are miniature, they provided magnifying glasses to help the guests appreciate more of the intricate paintings.  Cool right?

As part of the exhibit, she painted 5 miniatures depicting Singapore spots and was on sale.  If I have the extra moolah I would have bought one :)

So on to the workshop, all materials were provided.  Our project was to paint an orchid, Singapore's national flower.  Since the flower is pinkish/white she advised us to have a background otherwise if we are more adventurouos we can opt for a plain background.  I didn't since I know it would entail skill in making shadows and outlines to distinguish the plain background.

Like the usual I did mine in free-style.  And I finished way faster than the others, just shows how impatient I am  LOL  I still liked the outcome taking into consideration that this is my first time to do realistic painting and a miniature at that.

It was a fun, unique and insightful workshop! And feels great to not only meet the artist but interact with her.

And thanks to doctor-prescribed meds, the dinosaur was tame during the whole session LOL

Rain or Shine

We've finally pushed through our trekking adventure for the nth time, our last was in 2015.  (Funny thing is I wore the same HK Tshirt XD)

This time we chose the proper starting point of Southern Ridges, taking the Marang Trail.

We agreed to meet 7AM and kick-off our journey around 7:20AM.  Seeing the dark clouds chasing behind us, we sped up our Marang Trail with a heart pumping climb.  We managed to arrived atop Mount Faber just in time when the rain started pouring.

We were stuck for almost an hour hoping and praying the rain would stop.  Eventually we continued our trek after some traces of clear skies with light showers.

Upon reaching Henderson Waves, the sun started to shine, yahoo!

Somehow we still end up getting lost in our route, but we finally reached Forest walk, where I ended up falling not once but twice due to my slippery new rubber shoes.

and Alexandra Arch with a view of the famous "Lego" inspired condo, The Interlace.

Finally took a pitstop at Hort Park, where we took IG worthy photos LOL

Then off to Canopy Walk and finally reaching our end destination the Kent Ridge Park...

And so we thought, as we lost our way to Normanton Park and ended up exiting in Science Park instead,  where there is no loop bus on Sundays! Arggh

So another km walk before we reached the grand final destination, Kent Ridge Park MRT.

A well deserved Bibimbap is just what I needed to replenish my growling stomach =)

Queen for Seven Days

I signed up at Viu a few months ago because Botchok insisted.  I thought we're sharing the cost though LOL

Anyway, signing up released me from the trouble of finding free links of the Kdramas and my fave variety show Running Man. I was hooked more than ever to Kdrama that I've been haggling not two but sometimes three Kdramas at the same period LOL

I was watching the old drama Witch Romance and painfully finishing Fight My Way, painful since I don't get why this drama rates so well, if not for Park Seo Joon I would not finish this drama.  Then I saw Queen for Seven Days trailer, I rarely watch kdramas that are on-going and what more a melodrama.  Just not my thing.  Well this one got my attention primarily because of Yun Woo Jin, I first saw him in Marriage not Dating and then the Introverted Boss.  He's full of charm and really good in acting.  But then I hesitated when I saw Lee Dong Gun in the lead as well.  I never liked him, not sure why.  Anyway the first episode was promising, I was surprised that unlike other kdramas that only touched on the past in a few scenes, but this drama occupied full 5 episodes for our young couple.  It was a fresh change as the story unfolds bringing out the essence of the plot.

So I was suddenly hooked on this drama!  And yeah hurray!!! Lee Dong Gun was the antagonist LOL. He acted it so perfectly that I can just imagine seeing how the king was for real back then in the Joseon era.  I think this kind of roles suits him.

Since the drama was on-going I did some research while waiting for next episodes.  I was surprised that Woo Jin was not the first choice. Good thing the first choice turned down the role, it was perfect for Woo Jin and his chemistry with Min Young was superb.

As mentioned the main characters were taken from Joseon era, the tragic love story between Queen Dangyeong and King Joongjon. I was saddened when I read about the Queen's story in Wikipedia, she was indeed dethroned, exiled and died alone without a child.  Since the story line was still fiction I kept my hopes high on the twist on how the story will end.

Every episode was so full of emotions, love, jealousy, anger,  loyalty and betrayals.  I was trying to figure out how the writers will justify the ending of this love story.  And I was quite pleased.  The roller coaster of emotions and the twists and turns have ended beautifully.  

5 stars for this K drama!

30 minutes on Spotlight

Spotlight as in the shop... =)

I've been lazy lately and I thought going to the mall will at least make me walk.  It is still considered an exercise right? ... better than nothing. =D

As I rode the MRT, I'm still not sure where should I alight, Orchard, Somerset or Dhoby Ghaut? Eventually Plaza Singapura won,  the usual place to look around when you're into arts and crafts.

I started with Paper Market at B2, then next to it is Art Friend.  I skipped the escalator and took the lift to the next destination, Spotlight.  I have no intention of buying anything, but the call of the fabrics were irresistible.  The Fat Quarters are 10 for $15!!! I just cannot ignore this.  So I spent quite sometime browsing through.  One auntie was scouring through the fabrics as well.  She even asked me if I was into patchwork too.  I smiled and told her no, I'm into making doll clothes just for fun.

Finally I got my fabrics and went  ahead to look around the craft area and then headed to the cashier. The young cashier was scanning each item and I was confused on how she manually edits prices.  I asked her about the promo and confirmed the 10 for $15.  She said she is adjusting the discount. I was surprised when I got less than $10 as a change for my $50.  Then I realized I got 15 fabrics instead of 10.  I apologized to her and ask her to cancel the 5 fabrics as I want to buy only 10 pieces. This is when the 30 minutes of struggle began.

It's not as simple as removing the 5 items but I must choose the same brand for the 10 items otherwise regular price will apply.  I got a mix of brands which can't add up to 10 pieces. I told her I got them all in one bin.  She said maybe the fabrics got mixed up.  So I decided to just cancel my transaction.  Again instead of a simple voiding, she was struggling with the cancelling of each items in the cashier system. Time to call for help.

I was quite calm as I patiently wait how this transaction will go.  Auntie came to assist her on the voiding, she asked me why I want a refund.  So I explained what happened.  She corrected the young cashier and confirmed that I can get 10 items from different brands except one brand.  No problem I told her, so I'll just get the 10 fabrics from the applicable brands.

Instead of voiding the whole transaction, she individually cancelled  the 5 items I'm not buying.  But still the refund amount plus my change from the previous transaction doesn't add up to $35.  She explained the computation and I explained nicely the simple logic, I must pay only $15.  She then pulled out the original receipt and calculated using a calculator together with the young cashier.  A few seconds glancing at what they are doing, I butt in and told her what's wrong in their computation. Maybe I'm good in math so I don't need a calculator and to think the receipt was even upside down from my point of view and yet I knew what was wrong.  She sounded defensive, but I remained calm. And so I kept quiet and let them deal with the issue.

I was just standing there watching them and observing the customers on queue, luckily there were two cashiers so they just went on the other side.  I started questioning myself why am I so calm. Is it because I just had my lunch and was happy with my meal?  Is it because I just attended the mass earlier and the homily was quite apt?    I didn't even tinker with my phone and just watched Auntie struggling with the cashier system while constantly discussing with the young cashier.  They were abruptly disrupted when a customer complained about the young cashier.  The customer asked the young cashier about a product and was told to go to the other side, the other side however told her to go our side.  Apparently it is indeed in our side of the shop, however the items were out of stock.  Auntie cashier was very calm in handling the rage of the customer, she apologized but defended the young cashier without sounding rude.  The customer was very rude by the way.

And so back to the tap tap on the system, she printed more receipts and asked me to sign. She started saying sorry since it was taking so long. I can sense that she found me odd for not even uttering a word of complain, not even a sigh or a sign of disappointment in my face. LOL
She eventually cancelled the whole transaction and gave my $50 back while she again apologized for the trouble.  Then the 10 items were re-scanned.  While she's adjusting the discounted amount individually (typing in 1.50 for each item) she asked the young cashier to get the other 5 and asked me to choose one as a free item for the trouble.  I was quite surprised with the gesture and thanked her.  She kept on apologizing again but I told her it's okay.  I understood her dilemma, I told her I think it was more of a system problem in which she confirmed. She said they are not using the system that is being used in Australia which has automatic computation of discounted items, that is why they usually encounter issues.  She then gave me my precious fabrics, apologized again and told me to have a nice day.  I said the same thing to her and smiled.

Before I exited the shop, I went back to the fabric area to see if patchwork Auntie was still there.  To my surprise she was still there browsing, so I gave her a heads up and told her that one brand was not included in the promo.  She casually thanked me and asked me how many pieces I bought.

After more than 30 minutes, I walked out of Spotlight with a smile in my face.  It feels good to be good =)

Sunday's homily was about Jesus's transfiguration.  Below is an excerpt from The Leaven 6Aug2017 (Christ the King Church)

 "Peter wanted to stay in Christ’s presence and enjoy it, soak it up, remain, and never go down the mountain again. He heard the Father’s voice, knew he should listen to the Son, and was resolved to do so! Although he wants to stay, listen, and learn, Christ touches him and tells him to not fear, get up, and get going. We need to go down the mountain and into our lives. That is where the faith and love we learn from Jesus in prayer is needed. He lets us see his glory so we can go down and bring that glory into a needy world." -  Fr. Mark Haydu, LC

Bintan SpaVilla - Hugot Edition

Summer just passed by and I can't deny I was craving for some sea, sand and sunshine.  A summer theraphy.
So when sis Siel asked me to tagged along for a weekend get-away, I immediately said yes! After which I checked my schedule, and it was a bummer, the monthly dinosaur's visit fall on the same period.  I was expecting the inevitable.

The day finally arrived, three of us on to our weekend adventure.

The place was an hour travel from the immigration, not that bad considering the wonderful view that welcomed us.  There are activities in the area for a considerate fee, we opted to go to Kelong adventure to witness the sunset in the middle of the sea.  It was well worth it, we rode the speed boat and arrived at the Kelong  all to ourselves since no other guests joined us.

Since it was just over the weekend the photo moments are enough to satisfy our hungry soul for a photo shoot LOL  Below are some shots perfect to combine with some hugot lines =)