It's all about taking chances and welcoming possibilities.  My daily routine seems to be comforting, and very safe which is fine by me.  But somehow a simple message out of the blue brought a little nudge and a tingle to my life.  

Is this it? I find no harm in giving myself, ourselves a little chance to add spice in my/our boring lives.

Just like old times, the messages comes once in a while and in a short context.  Somehow I tried to reach out and open up a bit not to intimidate but to make it an actual conversation. But it was a hit and miss, very fickle like the weather nowadays.  Eventually there was an opportunity to converse face to face.  The supposed schedule should be within my time frame as I don't have enough time. The time-frame was mentioned crystal clear, but no time and place was decided.  But still, I was expecting.  My dilemma was how to break the ice and so I initiated a message. The response took a while, quite long  and somehow puzzled me.  The ice not only didn't  break but somehow evolved into an iceberg. It suddenly put a full stop, a period on whatever situation, I or we are in.   I suddenly had a mixed of emotions.  Was I hurt? definitely.  Was I lead on, I think so.  Is it my pride, probably. Any lesson learned?  Not really sure.  I took a chance that I rarely do and yeah life happens so this one is for the books LOL

There are so many questions going on in my head, I want to ask why? a lot of whys? what happened? what did I do?  But I just kept it all in and yeah... start moving on. Darn.
After a week I received a message, a straightforward apology. No explanation, just sorry.  I answered immediately, indirectly admitted I was hurt and accepted the apology for whatever reason it might be. There was another reply with a more apologetic message. I chose not to answer.  

I considered this as a hiccup in my life, probably more are coming in the future.  And now I realized it was my pride, pride chicken hehehe.  It was like a slap in my face. My self-esteem went several bars low, I think, whew.  I was about to lose my sparkle, but no, never, not a chance, I refuse.  While I still wonder why?  I chose to move on and pick up the glitters along the way to bring back the shine on that momentary dullness of my life.


After a staff tendered a resignation, Boss looking for someone from the team to fill in the job permanently ...

Boss: "You just sit there do the same job as per normal AND then do this and this, blah blah blah blah.."
(the same??? as per normal? really?)

Corporate Slave: "Sorry I don't want to be transferred, that job scope is not my forte, how about XXXXX?"

Boss: "I don't want to stress her out, as she may be compelled to resign as well..."

Corporate Slave: (rolls eyes) OK I understand  (excuses herself to leave the room)

Lingering thoughts...
So it's OK for the Corporate Slave to be stressed? And to resign?
(shakes head)

Byul Paulia

It has been a while since I last made a review of some sort of my dolls.  Here is Byul Paulia, who is Dal's bestfriend and smitten to Isul, Pullip's younger brother.

Byul means star, so I just retained that name for her.  There was once a rivalry of some sorts between Dal and Byul fans, others find her duck lips annoying while others doesn't like Dal's grumpy face.  Based on my assessment there are more Dal lovers than Byul, one of them is me, so i bought her since I wan to complete the characters.  And so I saw Paulia, she is a perfect Byul for me.

And when I saw her for real, I was just smitten, she's sooo cute!

Here is a close-up of her face, I think her big round eyes complemented her look, just like Dal she can only move her eyes left to right but her eyes cannot close.

Her long hair is braided 

Her stock, cute sheep hat, dress over-all, apron and bag

her blouse, inner skirt and trousers, she has so much stock that makes her a good buy!

Her cute shoes with ribbon and lace socks

I redressed Byul, isn't she adorable?

Hello my sweetie =)

My dinosaur

I've been and still an avid fan of AlDub, and most likely if you also are you would know about Maine's or Yaya Dub's dinosaur.  The monthly dreadful uninvited visitor.  Well I have the same visitor ever since but have managed the pain accordingly.

After 2 years of my diagnosis, here I am today with an excruciating pelvic and abdominal pain.  I've been sick the past days because of my swollen tonsils and currently taking anti-biotics and then this dinosaur came earlier than expected.  Sadly I've been on Advil/Ibuprofen the past months since the pain is no longer manageable, but today I just can't.  Am not sure if I can mix antibiotics with ibuprofen so I settled for paracetamol. It did help and blogging about this experience somewhat eases the pain.

Had I been home I would definitely be crying by now, but I am at the office.  Can't afford to have another sick day especially after my heartbreaking appraisal. *sigh*
I know I'm not productive as I used to be, partly because of health reasons due of course from the stressful environment at the office.   So I'm trying to accept and try my best not to be affected with all the office politics... so I blog instead hehehe

Another culprit... my eating habits turned worst and salty cravings came creeping into my veins. And this unhealthy diet feeds the dinosaur to the brim so it's transforming into a godzilla*ugh*.  I googled some information on the proper diet for my case. The result was just sad.  Why are healthy food so difficult to love?  And how come junk food/processed food always gives  me comfort?  But then again, does it really give me comfort now?

Exercise seems to be a thing of the past for me, I miss my Zumba days, morning jogs and  running events.  I will have to refocus and try again, eat healthy and exercise... but how to begin?  


Hello 2017

What have I been up to? Such a busy 2016 and yes, I'm simply lazy to blog.  But no,  blogging is not dead!

So how was my 2016?  Awesome of course but not without hiccups, life is like that sweet, and spicy ;)

The highlight of my 2016 is our Palawan travel, not just another check in my travel/adventure list but way much more.

I stayed with Kuya for most of my vacation days the past Christmas season. And it was my first time spending Christmas with his family since my parents passed away.
Not sure if it was a sign of old age or is it the weather? =D
But Kuya was a bit melodramatic when we were about to leave for the airport, he went off a day before me.  He just casually mentioned he was sad.  I've been used to being on my own and spent Christmas without them but I think I did manage.  He comes home an average of  2 to 3 times a month so I was trying to sink in what was on his mind.  I just comforted him by saying he will come back again before month end, so just hang on. Life is like that.

But it didn't stop there, he kept on mentioning that I should always spend Christmas with them. I jokingly told him I may be spending more time with them and not just Christmas since I'll be retiring soon ;D
I think this is the longest time we spent together as adults so he's suddenly all sentimental hehehe

Still haven't recovered with the hype of our trip, so he kept on bugging me to come home for CNY and go on a trip.. again!

My brother and I are poles apart and we fought a lot when we were growing up.  Siblings are like that but we've matured and supported each other in good and bad times.

So cheers to more adventure for 2017!